What size dancefloor do I need?

What Size Dance Floor Do I Need

One of the most commonly asked questions that our sales team get asked is ‘What size dance floor do I need’. It can be easy to over plan and over estimate what size you will require, so hopefully this guide will offer more clarity. 


So, what size dance floor for 100 people? What size dance floor for 150 people? The first thing you need to know is that not all guests at a function are going to be dancing at once, so the dance floor will not need to accommodate the entire occupancy of the event. That said, you need to make sure that you have enough room to accommodate a large proportion of the guests.

We normally work on a ratio of 2/3 of guests will be dancing at any one given time. 


Portable Floormaker are UK manufacturers of Portable Dance Floors and all of our products require no tools or screws for laying. Aluminium ‘lugs’ are situated on the edge of each panel and slot into the panel above, securing it underneath so that it cannot come apart during use. Our dance floors are used in Hotels, Marquees, Wedding Venues, Golf Club Function Rooms and any general function space. 

This smart interlocking system means that our floors are completely sectional and can be assembled in an array of different size options including square and rectangular. 


The industry standard size for a Portable Dance Floor in the UK is 15ft x 15ft (4.57m), however events and venues can differ in size. The chart below will give you an idea of popular sizes and how many dancers that size will accommodate. 


If you were to purchase a 15ft x 15ft dance floor, by simply removing the bottom row of panels, you are able to transform the floor into a 15ft x 12ft. This also applies either way, i.e. if you would like assemble an 18ft x 12ft or therefore any increment of the number ‘3’, this is achievable. 


There are a lot of factors which will determine which dance floor is right for your function space. We have a range of over 20 colours across 5 different floor styles to choose from; more than any other manufacturer. From wooden parquet, commercial grade vinyl and high gloss cast acrylic.

An example of some of the different surface finishes we have to offer are below, but click here to visit our website for more inspiration.

Alternatively, you can call our sales team on +44(0)1332 814080 or email us at enquiries@portablefloormaker.co.uk 

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