Stagelok® is a tool free portable stage system, designed with complete practicality and speed in mind. 

Stagelok® is exceptionally versatile and can be assembled in different combinations depending on the event size. Each module is 1m x 1m in size and we supply a variety of different height options to choose from within the range. 

Used in a variety of different sectors worldwide, if you are looking for an easy solution for building portable stages, then look no further.


Hotels and Weddings Venues
Portable Staging For Hospitality
A great product to create a focal point in your function room for Award Ceremonies and functions alike.


Marquees, Furniture Rental and Bands
Portable Staging For Council
A temporary structure calls for a temporary stage. Elevate the band or musical group off the ground.

Education, Authorities and Councils

Schools, Churches and Village Halls
Portable Staging For Event
Used for choirs and performances. We have a range of different height options which can be utilised together.


Each individual module consists of 3 different parts: Frame, Support Bar and Deck. The units are built by each frame being opened and a support bar is then slotted into the box section down the middle to add stability to the section and add structure and rigidity to the build. Once the first module is built, you can then continue to add more into your set-up until the required size is met. 

After you reach your desired set-up, a few more parts are required to secure the stage sections. Locking plates are supplied which are connected to the bottom box section which connects the frames together and adds structure and rigidity to the overall build. 

A painted plywood deck is then locked into place. Hooks are located on one side of the deck, which simply slide underneath the rear of the Frame. The front of the deck is then lowered into place and secured underneath the frame using lockable bolts.

Folded Frame


Support Bar and Locking Clips


Plywood Deck



Choose from 3 different height options – 30cm, 45cm or 60cm (If you require a bespoke height, please let us know). All height options are compatible, so if you would like to use i.e. a 45cm section and a 60cm section together, this is achievable.

Stagelok steps modules

Optional Extras

We offer a range of optional extras to finish off the overall look of the stage, as well as safety features such as Steps and Guard Rails.

Stage with step option

Stage with step option

Stage with step and guard rail option

Stage with step and guard rail option

Other options including Stage Skirting, available in Flat or Pleated. Our Stage Skirts are self-adhesive and are easily attached with velcro to the edge of the stage or platform. We are able to supply in any size lengths, 1m being the most popular.

Flat Stage Skirt

Flat stage skirt

Pleated Stage Skirt

Pleated Stage Skirt

Storage and Transportation

Stagelok® packs away in its very own, purpose made storage trolley. The trolley is designed to hold 9 full sections in their entirety, including Frames, Decks and Securing Clips. 

Any additional extras are secured away into the Stagelok® accessory box, which is secured into the top of the trolley once the sections are fully loaded. 

Manufactured from mild steel and then powder coated flat black, our storage solution can fit through a single size doorway and helps transport the goods into your function room and then back into your storage facility until you next require the stage.

Stagelok® storage trolley

stagelok trolley

Stagelok® accessory box

stagelok accessory box

Features and Specifications

  • 18mm plywood deck painted black with highly durable paint
  • MIG Welded 25.4mm box section stage & step framework, powder coated black
  • MIG Welded 25.4mm tube Storage trolley on superior castors with braked castor option available
  • MIG Welded 25.4mm tube guardrail system available (PFM recommends guardrails are used at all heights of staging)
  • Powder coated stage frames and storage trolley internally in a fully professional powder coating facility

Assembly Video

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