Portable Floormaker are proud to be the official UK Distributor for the Danish Flooring Manufacturer Ikadan, who produce an ABS plastic flooring system which is versatile enough to be utilised across a number different of industry sectors.

Exhibitions and Advertising

Ikadan Exhibition and Advertising
The sizing of Ikadan panels makes them a perfect choice as a base floor for exhibition stands.

Vehicle Displays

Car on Ikadan
This floor can hold the weight of commercial vehicles, elevating them off the ground for exposure.

Marquees and Catering Tents

Ikadan Marquees and Catering Tents
Used as a sub-floor to help even out undulating ground, giving you a solid, flat surface.

Shopping Centres / Outlets

Shopping Centers
Promote your products in style. The sloped Ikadan edging is a great feature for wheelchair access.

Outdoor Markets

A practical option for tarmacked/ grassed areas near market stalls to keep moisture and dirt at bay.

Dance Floor Alternatives

DaceFloor Alternatives
You can even use Ikadan as an alternative portable dance floor. The checkerboard design looks great!


The smart interlocking system allows for a fast installation and breakdown without the need for tools/screws. Each panel measures 50cm x 50cm, however can be secured underneath using bolts to carry the floor in a choice of your size i.e. 1m x 1m sections. 

The tiles are lightweight and easy to clean, taking two people around 20 minutes to lay a 100 square meter floor. Ikadan tiles also come in a range of colour options and edging for the floor is also available, perfect for entrances, exits and disability access, ensuring a professional finish.

Ikadan Exploaded View

ikadan modular portable floor

Ikafloor Colour options

Ikafloor is available in Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Marble and Red. A Recycled version of the Black option is also available.

Ikasport Colour Options

Ikasport is an easy to use, modular interlocking flooring system with a specially designed drainage system that allows you to transform almost any area into a sports field. Available in Black, Light Grey, Red and Green

Edging options

Ikafloor edging is available in Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red and Green.

Specifications, weights and measures

  • Recyclable Polypropolene
  • 49.4cm x 49.4cm square panels
  • 1.5kg per panel/6kg per square meter
  • Wipe clean, non-slip surface
  • UV resilient
  • Screw and tool free
  • Quick and easy to connect
  • Easy and lightweight to lift and transport
  • Fully reconfigurable into different sizes and layouts

ikadan modular portable floor delivery options

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