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Barlok® is a tool free portable bar system, renowned for its cutting edge design which offers stunning visuals, paired with complete practicality. Assembling slick, contemporary and extendable bars has never been easier.

Barlok® is exceptionally versatile and can be assembled in different combinations depending on the event size. We have a range of modules available including straight units and corners, which can be utilised together to build different shapes and sizes. 

The front of each module is RGBW colour controllable with a simple, hand held DMX controller. 

Used in a number of different industry sectors worldwide, Barlok® is the perfect all round Portable Bar solution.


Hotels and Catering
Portable Bar for hospitality
Utilise the space in your venue effectively and generate more revenue through drink sales.


Marquees, Corporate and Festivals
Portable Bars for Events
A perfect solution for temporary structures and events, which looks and feels permanent.


Large Drink Brands and Exhibitions
Portable Bar for Big Advertising events
Showcase and elevate your brand with a complementary, eye-catching feature for service.


Each individual section consists of 6 different parts: Light Unit, Middle Shelf, Bottom Shelf, Acrylic Counter and Kickrail. Each separate element of the module simply slots into the adjacent bar units Side Frame, which once erected is extremely solid and has the look and feel of a permanent installation. 

Once the first unit is built, you can then continue to add different modules into your set-up by adding in another Side Frame and the parts of the next section you wish to build. 

After you reach your desired set-up, a few more parts are required to be able to allow the bar to operative correctly and to finish off the overall look. 

The bar can be extended indefinitely without any limit, but eventually you will require the bar to end. For that purpose, End Panels and Kickrail End Caps have been designed to fit onto the last side frame of the bar at both ends which fully completes the run of modules.

Portable Bar elements


Choose from a variety of different straight and corner sections to make different combinations of bar set-ups. It is common to start with a straight section and add either another straight section or corners in afterwords. Here’s what we have available:

1.0m Straight

BB-1 Straight

1.5m Straight

BB-1.5 Straight

Standard Corner

BB-Standard Corner

Standard Radius Corner

BB-standard Radius Corner

Extended Corner

BB-Extended Corner

Extended Radius Corner

BB-Extended Radius Corner

Inverted Corner


Set Up Options

The design of Barlok® is modular and allows you to utilise the modules you purchase to create different shapes. Below is an example of how 2 x 1.5m straight sections and 1 x extended corner can be used in 2 completely different set-up options:

Option 1


Option 2


The set-up possibilities with Barlok® are endless. Here are a few popular options being used by our current clients:

2×1.5m Straight Sections


2×1.5m Straight Sections + 2x Extended Radius Corners


4×1.5m Straight Sections + 1x Extended Radius Corners


4×1.5m Straight Sections + 2x Standard Radius Corners


Serving Extras

When it comes to drink sales, service speed and efficiency is absolutely paramount. Depending on what kind of beverages you will be serving from the bar, we have designed a range of additional extras available to help. 

The Speed Rail – Available in lengths of either 1.0m or 1.5m, the Speed Rail is designed to hold cocktails and mixers, allowing you more service space on the shelving. 

The Ice Shelf – A very popular option for Cocktail Bars, designed with compartments for your ice and slice! The unit has a large ice container in the middle with a range of gastro tubs either side to store a variety of fruits.

Standard Shelving

Portable Bar standard Shelving

Ice Shelf and Speed Rail Added

Ice shelving and speed rail added

For practicality purposes, we have designed a Back Bar Unit. The Back Bar has 3 stainless steel top shelves and 3 stainless steel bottom shelves.

The top shelves are generally used to attach optics to but can also create extra space glassware. The height of the shelves are designed to make it easily accessible for bartenders.

The bottom shelves can also be used to store extras, however the bottom middle shelf can be removed to house a triple door fridge.

There is a LED strip light integrated into the top shelf. If a Back Bar is purchased, we supply the relevant cables to power this unit and synchronise the RGBW colour from your main bar.

Here’s an example of how the back bar can be utilised in a simple set-up:


Bespoke Render Front

Rear view

Bespoke Render Rear

Colour Control and Power

A hand held DMX Controller is supplied, which plugs into the first module built, along with a 1.5m IEC power cable which simply plugs into a standard wall socket. Each unit from there simply daisy chains from one to the next, transmitting power and data until you reach the end of the bar where the link will end. The DMX Controller allows the bars frontage to be controlled in a colour of your choice.

barlok elements

Storage and Transportation

Each module has its own allocated flight case, which houses every single part that makes up that particular section. This makes storing and transporting the units simple for any member of staff. Flight cases are also fully manufactured at our 23,000 square foot production facility in the UK.

barlok storage

Assembly Video

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