Married couple dancing on Florlok portable dance floor during their wedding party

Florlok® Portable Dance Floor


Used amongst some of the world’s most iconic hoteliers, traditional style wedding venues and arenas. Portable Floormaker is the only place you can buy the original branded Florlok® Portable Dance Floor.

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Aucland Oak Portable Floor Multilok

Multilok® Portable Dance Floor


Our most durable, modern and waterproof portable dance floor, designed for new build and refurbished hotels, tipi hire companies, sperry tents, stretch tents, and any contemporary marquee structure.

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Publok black and white portable dance floor set up for event party

Publok® Portable Dance Floor


This timeless portable dance floor can really enhance any event space. The high gloss acrylic top surface offers striking and impactful visuals and can help set you apart from your competitors.

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Wedlok acrylic white dance floor used on events

Wedlok® Portable Dance Floor


Elegant, sophisticated and mainly used for wedding functions but it’s sleek, gloss finish allows versatility in a number of different industry sectors.

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Nightlok is a black acrylic dance floor recommended for pubs and disco clubs

Nightlok® Portable Dance Floor


A bold and luxurious dance floor option, used to create a stunning focal point at corporate events. Nightlok can also be used as a more controversial option for wedding functions.

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LED twinkling portable dance floor in white acrylic from portable flormaker

Starlok® Portable Dance Floor


The most desirable choice in LED Dance Floors on todays market. Starlok® is a fully cabled system offering reliability as well as stunning visuals with a choice of different control options including static, chase and twinkle.

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Swaplok colourful dance floor

Swaplok™ Portable Dance Floor


This new, innovative system uses fixings on the rear of each panel to allow you to interchange acrylic inserts within the dance floor. For the first time, we are offering a range of new colours including gold, silver, blue, green and red to name a few.

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Weblok® Dance Floor

Used to help even out any undulations in the ground and create a stable base for additional flooring, carpeting or staging to be added on top for marquees.

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