Colour Options:

  • Florlok® Light Oak
  • Florlok® Jatoba
  • Florlok® Smoked Oak

Florlok® Portable Dance Floor

Florlok® is one of our bestselling Portable Dance Floors, in use with Large Hotel Chains, Marquee Hire Companies, Caterers and Sports Stadiums around the World. 

Available in either Light Oak, Jatoba or Smoked Oak finish, allowing you more choice to help compliment the furnishings and surroundings within your function space. 

Florlok® panels incorporate 2 base coats of UV lacquer and a further coat of high quality acrylic lacquer, giving the floors top surface its iconic ‘high gloss’ finish. The rear of each panel is also lacquered to help prevent against moisture ingress, as well as having ribbed backing battens to help prevent movement on carpets treated with anti-stain chemicals.

An optional refurbishment service is also available. Click here for more details.

  • 100% tool free
  • 3 colour finishes
  • Coloured edging available
  • Lacquered rear panels
  • Ribbed aluminium backing battens
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 3 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Indoor use only (download disclaimer here)
  • Panel specification
    - 7mm Jatoba Hardwood, Light Oak or Smoked Oak Parquet
    - 9mm thick BB/CC Lacquered Plywood Base
    - Aluminium frame, ribbed battens and locking lugs
    - Lacquered top finish – 2 x UV base coat + 1 x high quality acrylic lacquer
    - Non-toxic flooring adhesive
    - 27mm profile
  • Manufactured at our 23,000 square foot production facility in the UK
  • Completely tool free assembly
  • Ribbed backing battens to aid grip on carpets treated with anti-stain chemicals
  • Full 3 year manufacturers guarantee on labour and material
  • Optional refurbishment service available
Dance Floor Size (Imperial)Dance Floor Size (Metric)Full PanelHalf PanelFull EdgeHalf EdgeCorner EdgeStorage CaddleDancers
9' x 9'2.74m x 2.74m82844118
12' x 9'3.65m x 2.74m1121044124
12' x 12'3.65m x 3.65m1441324132
15' x 12'4.57m x 3.65m1841524140
15’ x 15’4.57m x 4.57m2341644150
18’ x 15’5.48m x 4.57m2841844260
18’ x 18’5.48m x 5.48m3362124272
21’x 9’6.40m x 2.74m2021644242
21’ x 15’6.40m x 4.57m3342044270
21’ x 21’6.40m x 6.40m4662444298
24’ x 18’7.30m x 5.48m4562524296
24’ x 21’7.30m x 6.40m53626443112
24’ x 24’7.30m x 7.30m60829243128
30’ x 30’9.14m x 9.14m951037245200
Full PanelHalf PanelFull EdgeHalf EdgeR/L Corner EdgeStorage CaddieCaddy & Complete 15' x 15' Floor
34” x 34” x 1.06” (86.4cm x 86.4cm x 2.7cm)34”x 17” x 1.06” (86.3cm x 43.18cm x 2.7cm)34” x 5.25” x 1.06” (86.3cm x 13.3cm x 2.7cm)17” x 5.25” x 1.06” (43.18cm x 13.3cm x 2.7cm)22.1” x 5.25” x 1.06” (56.2cm x 13.3cm x 2.7cm)44” x 27.5” x 50” (112cm x 69.8cm x 127cm)44” x 27.5” x 50” (112cm x 69.8cm x 127cm)
24.35lbs/11.5 Kg12.12lbs/5.50 Kg3.31lbs/1.50 Kg1.63lbs/0.75 Kg1.10lbs/0.50 Kg81.6lbs/40.0 Kg 777lbs/355.5 Kg

Florlok® Surface Colour Range


Ideal choice for a more modern looking portable dance floor which will enhance the aesthetics of any venue or function suite.


The colouring of this exotic hardwood is very distinctive, characterised by a lustrous range of deep reds, burgundies, and darker reddish browns.


Rich, smokey brown shades and delicate neutral tones that will look at home in highly sophisticated decor or in a classic property with antique furniture.

Florlok® Edging Colour Range

Natural Silver Aluminium (5")

One of our most popular choices which compliments most surface colours in our range.

Powder Coated Gold (5")

This edging option goes hand in hand with our Light Oak Parquet finish.

Powder Coated Black (5")

Designed to help compliment darker colours, such as our Smoked Oak surface option, but has also been used with Jatoba in the past.

Click the image below to download the installation instructions

Floor Plan
Download your layout here

Assembly Video

A purpose designed trolley is available for quick and effortless transport and storage.

Florlok Storage Trolley

Our storage trolleys are manufactured utilising a mild steel which is then powder coated in a luxury antique silver finish. The unit is designed to hold a full 15ft x 15ft (4.57m x 4.57m) Portable Dance Floor in its entirety.

    • Quick and effortless storage
    • Mild steel structure
    • Luxury ‘antique silver’ powder coated finish
    • Designed to hold a full 15ft x 15ft portable dance floor
    • Panels simply slide into locating slots on either side
    • Slide out drawer at bottom to make edging accessible
    • Lockable castor wheels
    • Transit bar allocated at front to hold panels in place
    • Fits through single width doorway
    • Click here to see different Budget Oak Floor & Trolley Specifications

Size: 114cm x 71cm x 132cm
Weight: 360.5kg (Loaded)

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