How Will Hospitality Change After Coronavirus?

How Will Hospitality Change After Covid-19

The last month has been a real challenge as restaurants, hotels and bars have remained closed across the world for many months. If you work in the hospitality industry, you’ll likely be worried about the future of the industry. However, it is also important to be preparing for the expected demand when people are finally allowed to roam free. 

Things may not return to the way things were before until a vaccine is found for COVID-19, and social distancing measures will more than likely still continue long after the lockdown comes to an end.

So, how do you adapt to the ‘new normal’? Currently, nobody knows, but if we take inspiration from other European Countries such as Sweden; where cafés, pubs and restaurants have remained open during a more relaxed ‘no-lockdown’ approach; an example of this would be restaurants have had to make sure that diners are at least two metres away from other tables. Maybe this will be part of future Government guidelines in the UK…

As a hotel, this will mean small adjustments to furniture usage and layouts. Not just in restaurants or banqueting suites, but everywhere including reception and bar areas, too. Another thing to consider is the putting your guests minds at rest by adding products into these areas that will make them feel safe and ensure them that you are going that extra mile to protect them. Portable Floormakers Hand Sanitising Stations are designed for front of house and really help represent and tie-in with luxury brands. The front plate can be branded with your company logo and we are able to supply these in a colour of your choice. The automatic dispenser is refillable, so you are not tied to one brand of gel/liquid and a drip tray is located beneath the unit to catch any excess liquid, ensuring your carpets and walls do not get stained. 

Sanitiser Station

People and businesses have been impacted greatly from this pandemic. As a hotel, it’s your duty to adjust and adapt to the new world that is coming. Because it’s very unlikely to be the same again. 

Contact our sales team today to talk about the different solutions we have available for the Hospitality and Events Industries as we move into the ‘new normal’. 

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