Weddings in 2021: Here’s what to expect.

The wedding and events industries have been hit hard in 2020 by coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Brides & Grooms who planned to get married in 2020 are having to either cancel or postpone their special day which in turn has had a huge knock on effect through to suppliers and manufacturers that cater into the sector. 

One thing is for sure though, 2021 is shaping up to be a ground-breaking year and if you’re looking to get married, it is advised that you get in there fast. 

2021 will be the industries busiest yet. Venues around the UK and in fact worldwide will be having to cope with postponements from 2020, as well as cater for the new couples wanting to get married, meaning that dates are getting taken up fast. 


There is only a set amount of venue’s, marquee hire companies and caterers in the Country that will be able to accommodate for weddings, meaning the events industry on a whole is going to be stretched on man power and stock availability. This is causing Brides & Grooms that wanted to get married on a weekend, now having to choose weekday weddings. 


Marquee Hire companies may need to look into investing in more stock to accommodate for the extra demand. This may mean purchasing new Marquees Tents, as well as additional equipment, such as Portable Dance Floors, Tables, Chairs, Mobile Bars and Staging.

The operational equipment in Hotels and Wedding Venues will also be getting a lot more use, due to more mid-week weddings. There are a lot of Hotels who may have had budgets cut for 2020, but it would be a good idea in 2021 to look at new operational equipment to cope with the extra usage, especially if their current equipment is looking worn and tired. 

Portable Floormaker have a large range of Portable Dance Floors, Mobile Drinks Bars & Staging options available for companies looking to add into or expand on their current stock levels to accommodate for the extra demand and challenges that 2021 may bring.

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