What does LOK mean?

LOK is Portable Floormaker’s standard for all products and simply means that no tools or screws are required to assemble or dis-assemble any of the Portable dance floors, bars or stages that are manufactured in house at our 23,000 square foot factory based in the East Midlands. On a dance floor the ridged lugs simply lok under the frame of the adjacent panel in a “brickwork” method which offers strength to the floor once set up.


How is packaging & delivery handled?

You can either collect your PFM products in person or by courier direct from our factory in Castle Donington on EXW (FCA for international orders) Incoterms2010 terms or we can arrange for the goods to be delivered to you at extra cost (CPT terms for UK deliveries). In either case there may still be an extra crating charge to protect the product and/or a charge for individual pallets for the goods depending on the particular shipment.

What are the payment options?

Payment is due in full when you place your first order however credit terms may be granted once a credit history has been created on submission of a completed credit application form. A credit check will then be undertaken using the Credit Safe or Company Check portals. The decision of the company is final in such cases.

The company accepts debit or credit (fees may be applicable) card payments or electronic funds transfer for payment.

How long is the warranty?

3 year warranty on manufacturing, labor & materials. 1 year on electronics. No warranty is available on ex-demonstration or “seconds if we have them. Warranties are NOT transferable.

Can I add to my floor/bar unit after purchase?

The unique ability of our UK manufactured product range is that additional units can be added as and when required in order to slowly build up your stock. We cannot guarantee specific colour or shading matches on parquet or plywood materials due to their nature nor can we guarantee electrical matches on RGB/LED colouring although we do our very best to ensure consistency in our procurement strategy.

Where are your products manufactured and can I visit?

The complete range of  portable bar units, portable dance floors, portable stages and signage are manufactured in our UK based 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Our capability also includes a full 3D CAD design & build service with a fabrication operation including laser profiling, bending and forming, MIG/TIG welding and in-house powder coating together with a fully equipped wood shop.

We welcome all customers and potential customers to visit us. We have a showroom for demonstrations and would be more than happy to show you around the factory so you can see why Portable Floormaker is at least one level above our competitors.

Shipments, Deliveries or Collections

UK Deliveries: We’ll be happy to handle the freight logistics for you. We only pass through charges directly associated with your order. We know some of our competitors do not charge for freight but it is not that you are not paying for the freight, they just choose to bundle the product and freight cost as one fee.

Courier Collections: If you would prefer to handle the freight logistics, we will make sure your product leaves our factory in “new” condition* but  PLEASE NOTE,  If the client arranges the freight and the product is damaged during transit, the client assumes the responsibility to file the damage claim with the carrier.

Customer Collections: You also have the option of picking up the product from our facility yourself.  Should damages occur after pickup, the client who picks up the product also assume the same responsibilities as “client arranged freight”. Again, the product leaves us in a new and unused condition*.

What can be shipped? Anything we sell can be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

When do you need your product? Most product manufactured by PFM here in the UK is subject to a standard 4-6 week lead time however we may be able to dispatch your goods earlier.   Please remember, there are times of year when we are extremely busy i.e. the run up to Christmas, chances are if you are busy we are as well.

Ikadan & Intermetal: these products are sourced direct from the manufacturing plants. Ikadan normally hold stock of their best running product but Intermetal product is made to order due to the nature of the product. Intermetal production lead time is about 3-4 weeks at least with another 40 days shipping time, please contact us for more information.

Order early: we’ll be glad to delay shipping until you need the product. This way we can at least gauge the volume to be more prepared.

This is important… What do you do when you receive damaged freight?

When your new product left our facility, it left as “new product”. We made sure it was packed properly and secured well.

Then the freight company comes to pick it up. Once the freight company arrives, it’s out of our hands. During transit, sometimes things happen. You hear about trucks hitting bridges etc; well, sometimes our products are in those trucks. Needless to say, we did not send it damaged, so PLEASE…. do not blame us if it arrives damaged. We will work with you to get the product replaced BUT there are a couple things you have to do to make sure the damage is documented.

If we are arranging delivery to you, please take time to check your delivery BEFORE signing acceptance if your product arrives damaged in any way, YOU MUST DOCUMENT THE DAMAGE with the carrier. We recommend:

  1. Take pictures of the damage
  2. Document and describe the damage on the paperwork when the carrier delivers the product. Do not let the driver leave without documenting the damage & make sure you keep a copy!
  3. Call Portable Floormaker straight away to inform us that you documented the damages and took photos.

We know you are not always the person receiving the product, so make sure you educate your staff.

This is good information for all incoming shipments, not just from PFM. DON’T WORRY, if you at least document the damage on the delivery paperwork, we will work diligently to get replacement product sent to you. Then we will work to get reimbursed from the carrier. If you do not document the damages, we cannot replace the product. These types of damages are not covered in the product warranty.

If the damage is severe, please REFUSE the delivery and do NOT sign the paperwork. Take pictures and contact Portable Floormaker straight away.

*Except for Ex demo and “seconds” product.