• Swaplok Gold Acrylic
  • Swaplok Silver Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ Blue Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ Red Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ Orange Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ Light Green Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ Forest Green Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ Black Acrylic
  • Swaplok™ White Acrylic

Swaplok™ Portable Dance Floor 

This impressive, new design is part of our acrylic range of portable dance floors which utilises fixings on the rear of each panel to allow you to interchange acrylic inserts within the dance floor.

Swaplok™ is perfect for event companies that are looking to be more versatile with their offerings and allows you to incorporate more stock into your inventory at a fraction of the price of purchasing a full floor. Once you have purchased trays, all you have to do is specify which colour acrylic inserts you require.

Colour options include Gold, Blue, Red, Green and so many more!

  • Interchangeable acrylic inserts
  • Cost effective 
  • No tools/no screws
  • Colour edging available
  • Lacquered rear panels 
  • Ribbed backing battens 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Indoor use only (download disclaimer here)
  • Panel specification
    - 3mm solid colour acrylic inlay
    - 5mm thick marine plywood mid-layer
    - 5.5mm thick BB/CC Lacquered Plywood Base
    - Aluminium frame, ribbed battens and locking lugs
    - Non-toxic flooring adhesive
  • Vibrant colour acrylic options, never seen before
  • 3 year warranty on manufacture, labour & materials
  • A versatile option to create more revenue for your business
  • Purchase the trays for specific sizes and let us know which colours you need
  • Manufactured at our 23,000 square foot production facility in the UK

Swaplok™ Surface Colour Range

Swaplok™ Orange

Vibrant and flamboyant

Swaplok™ Red

Exciting and energetic

Swaplok™ Light Green

Natural and fresh

Swaplok™ Dark Green

Peaceful and organic

Swaplok™ Blue

Calming and welcoming

Swaplok™ Silver

Sleek and modern

Swaplok™ Gold

Luxurious and glamourous

Swaplok™ White

Clean cut and striking

Swaplok™ Black

Bold and impactful

Swaplok™ Edging Colour Range

Natural Silver (3")

A popular edging finish which compliments and sits perfectly with the high gloss finish of the acrylic surface

Powder Coated Gold (3")

A controversial edging option for acrylic dance floors, which can help enhance its overall look.

Powder Coated Black (3")

Our black edging option also looks incredible most of the acrylic surfaces that we have to offer.

Powder Coated White (3")

If you’re looking for something a little different, get creative by utilising our white edging option alongside the acrylic range of floors.

Click the image below to download the installation instructions

Floor Plan
Download your layout here

Assembly Video

A purpose designed trolley is available for quick and effortless transport and storage.

Acrylic Floor-Trolley

PFM storage trolleys are manufactured utilising mild steel which is then powder coated in a luxury antique silver finish. The unit is designed to hold up to a full 16ft x 16ft (4.88m x 4.88m) Portable Dance Floor in its entirety.

    • Mild steel structure
    • Luxury ‘antique silver’ powder coated finish
    • Designed to hold up to a full 16ft x 16ft portable dance floor
    • Slide out drawer at bottom to make edging accessible
    • Lockable castor wheels
    • Fits through single width doorway

Size: 143cm x 71cm x 132cm
Weight: 421.5kg (Loaded)

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