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Starlok Portable Flooring

Starlok® Disco Dance Floor

The Starlok® Portable Dance Floor is fully wired and LED illuminated, designed for indoor use. Utilising an innovative brickwork design off ering strength, ensures that the panels and edges are fully secured. Needing no screws or tools for assembly, laying is quick and easy. For example a 4.88mm x 4.88mm (16' x 16') can be set up in approximately 30 minutes and recovered in about 20 minutes.

Standing 27mm high and comprising of two acrylic panel sizes, 219mm x 609mm (full panel) and 109mm x 609mm (half panel). Full panels weigh 11kg with half panels weighing 5.5kg making them lightweight and easy to handle.

The new Starlok® V2 controller supplied as standard offers more effects including for the first time; sound to light, strobe effect and dimming.

Starlok® panels are fully wired with a four channel chase sequence utilising a network of cables to provide power. The benefits of a fully cabled system, as opposed other systems on the market, is that there will be no loss of power or signal to any panels during use.

A purpose designed trolley is available for quick and effortless transport and storage. Each trolley holds a 4.88mm x 4.88mm (16' x 16') complete dance floor and is sized to fit through standard single width doorways.

Features – Benefits

• No screws or tools – quick and easy set up

• Ribbed battens on rear of panels – aids grip on carpets

• Lacquered plywood base – helps against moisture/damp ingress

• Fully wired lighting system – no failures of power or data during use

• Low profile and sloped edging – reduced trip hazard/wheelchair friendly

• Wipe clean surface – low maintenance

• Durable dance floor – good value for Return of Investment (ROI)

• 3 year warranty on manufacture, labour and materials, 1 year on electrics – peace of mind

• Slim line trolley – fits through standard single width doorways

• One trolley stores a complete 4.88mm x 4.88mm (16' x 16') floor – compact/space saving

• Fully powder coated trolleys – offers a harder, more durable finish


• Dance floor specification:

• 6mm through coloured commercial acrylic panels

• 5.5mm wired plywood mid–layer

• 5.5mm lacquered plywood base

• Lightweight aluminium edging

• 24 LEDs per full panel/12 LEDs per half panel

• Non–toxic flooring adhesive