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Stagelok Stage Hire

Stagelok Stage Furniture

Stagelok comes in:-

1m x 1m, superior locking blocks under 18mm plywood tops with supporting rails.

Easy Clip-Together rugged design makes assembly safe and easy. Will not come apart in use.

Stagelok folds flat for easy transportation and storage. There is also a storage trolley for easy transport, each trolley holds 9 full sections which will create a 3m x 3m complete Stagelok stage.

We would be happy to help you order your Stagelok stage furniture to various sizes and configurations.

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Portable Stage Furniture

A flexible stage system with the option to add additional units to meet your needs. The folding square frame is strong and robust but folds flat for easy storage and handling, fitting easily into a stock cupboard or vehicle. Stage tops are 18mm exterior grade plywood (in black as standard) with securing blocks to prevent any movement.

Stagelok Stage Furniture Benefits From:

• Superior Locking will not come apart in use
• Easy clip-together assembly

• Folds down completely flat for storage
• Stages are of a strong and sturdy construction

• Stages are adaptable to fit any size
• Stage steps available

• Stage storage trolleys are available for easy storage and transportation


Our products are mainly wooden based (apart from OutlokĀ®) and together with the glue used in the manufacture process are subsequently susceptible to changes in atmospheric conditions. Please ensure that these products are stored in a well-ventilated and dry area as our warranty will not cover any damage occurring as a result of damp, mould or unsuitable storage conditions