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Publok Portable Flooring

Publok ® Black & White Dance Floor


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Acrylic dance floor panels

publok dancefloor

Its perfect surface, transparency and sensual feel explain why Altuglas® PMMA is so successful in every application. Clear as crystal, Altuglas® transmits and reflects light better than the finest glass. When body-tinted, Altuglas® diffuses light and enables tinted lighting systems to be created. Altuglas® is a low-density, rigid material that is even suited to complex assemblies.

Despite its natural hardness, Altuglas® panels may become scratched: it can then be made as good as new, simply by polishing using Altuglas® Polish (available direct from Portable Floormaker)

Original aluminium Silver or Black (powder coated) edging trims

publok dancefloor

Aluninium edging is ribbed to offeranti-slip security and is angled to allow easy wheelchair or handicapped access. Available in original aluminium silver colour or in an black powder DuPont coated option to offer a stunning visual appearance.


Our products are mainly wooden based (apart from Outlok®) and together with the glue used in the manufacture process are subsequently susceptible to changes in atmospheric conditions. Please ensure that these products are stored in a well-ventilated and dry area as our warranty will not cover any damage occurring as a result of damp, mould or unsuitable storage conditions