florlok dance floor
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Florlok Portable Flooring

Original Florlok Dance Floor ® (beware of copies & imitations)

Please be aware that Parquet wood is a natural product and as such variations in colour of individual pieces of parquet within single panels is possible due to the amount of sap held within the wood itself.
These variations in sap wood ranging from light to dark, offer the characteristics of parquet that is known and loved

The ONLY place to Purchase the ORIGINAL “FLORLOK®” branded Portable Dance Floor, in use with top venues worldwide.

The FLORLOK’s® dance floor innovative brickwork design offers a fast and secure installation and recovery without the need for tools or screws.

Strong, easy to manoeuvre storage solutions complement the product together with a choice of colour on both panels and border trim. Please view the information contained within the tabs above.


Portable Floormaker dance floor


Our products are mainly wooden based (apart from Outlok®) and together with the glue used in the manufacture process are subsequently susceptible to changes in atmospheric conditions. Please ensure that these products are stored in a well-ventilated and dry area as our warranty will not cover any damage occurring as a result of damp, mould or unsuitable storage conditions